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    October 25th - October 29th

    • Blue Book Bags are coming home this week! Please make sure your student is reading each book three times before logging it on the reading log. 
    • Please make sure you are correcting your child’s math fact homework each evening!
    • Please make sure you are cleaning out your child’s yellow homework folder each night. Anything on the Keep At Home side should be left at home each night. 



    Our Learning this Week:



    Language Arts: . In phonics, we will practice identifying and using the letters Vv, and Ww. We will understand each letter sound, use a picture to help us remember them, and practice writing each letter using our Fundations writing lines.  Our sight words for the week are “of” , “for”,  and “he.” This week in ARC we will start our second ARC unit on Zoology. We will read several stories about animals and identify the difference between living and nonliving things. In writing, we are going to start a Five Senses book all about Fall! We will get to write one sentence for each of the five senses telling about how they relate to the Fall season. 


    Math: This week in math we will identify morning, afternoon, evening, and night, practice adding 1 addition facts, and sort items to create a graph. We will take a math fact assessment and written assessment at the end of the week.

    Core: We will continue learning all about our five senses. We will have our Five Senses party on Friday, October 29th. Please be sure to send in any items you signed up to donate for the party! 


    Upcoming Events: 


    • Blue book bags will be coming home with your student on Monday, October 25th! 
    • We will have a Five Senses class party on Friday, October 29th! Please be sure to check the SIgnup Genius for ways to volunteer! 


    Important Reminders:

    • As the weather is changing please be sure to send in a light jacket with your student. Please make sure you LABEL all sweaters and jackets!
    • Send in one full water bottle everyday with your student.
    • Please LABEL your child’s snack everyday!!
    • Please remember to send in two clean masks with your student everyday!
    • All birthday treats must be NON-FOOD  items.


    On Monday, your student will be coming home with their Literacy Homework Packet in their yellow homework folder. Each night your student will come home with their TWO math homework pages. Please remember to staple the literacy packet and all of the math pages together to turn in on Friday!


    • Letter Vv/Ff Sort
    • Saxon Math Facts 35
    • Saxon Math Homework 35B


    • Sight Word - 'of'
    • Saxon Math Facts 36
    • Saxon Math Homework 36B


    • Letter Ww Sort
    • Saxon Math Facts 37B
    • Saxon Math Homework 37B


    • Beginning Sounds
    • Saxon Math Facts 38B
    • Saxon Math Homework 38B


    • Literacy Packet and Math Homework is due today! Please staple all of the homework together into one big packet!


K-1 Specials - Mrs. MacFarland



    Kindergarten Art

    Students will begin their Native American art unit. We will be designing totem poles and making pinch pots. 

    Kindergarten Music 

    This month's focus is on our concert.  Students will be learning the motions to multiple Nutcracker ballet songs. We will also begin our unit on Native American music. We will focus on rhythm this month as well.  If you would like to see what we are doing in class, please refer to these sites and have fun doing music activities at home.  We use musicplayonline and Kindermusik.  I am excited to finally share access to these sites with you. Register using our school code m721785

    Kindermusik curriculum (Drums, Drums, Drums):  Register using our school code 2D292B  


    Kindergarten PE

    We will be reviewing tossing this week and begin our throwing unit.  Students will be using the phrase "pancake; opposite foot forward; tick tock tick toss" for tossing and "T, L, step and throw."



Library/Technology - Mrs. Lanyi


    October, 2021

    We are so excited to welcome local author, Gretchen Kadillak, author of Am I Your Favorite, to CCA on Monday, October 11th.  She will share her book with the students and will explain her writing process.  As always, you may email me with questions at




    Happy Fall!  It is such a wonderful time of year.  This month in the library we will be spending some time focusing on non-fiction books and looking at the differences between fiction and non-fiction.  Students will complete actvities and will also be looking at the features of non-fiction books.  This month we will also read some books featuring favorite characters and complete activities to match!



    This month in Technology we are working very hard in Typing Club.   Students are working on home row and how to place their fingers on the keyboard.  We will also talk about proper posture.  We are also going to continue to explore some fun websites and continue working on Digital Citizenship.