Welcome to our Cherry Creek Academy community!  We are a unique and special community that is dedicated to providing a rigorous academic experience for every child in an inclusive, compassionate, kind and caring environment. What sets our community apart is our clear and shared vision for our school.  We have taken key ingredients of school success and have wrapped them into a community of individuals who are dedicated to meeting the unique academic, social and emotional needs of each learner.  

    We have built a community that is founded on the key values of leadership, responsibility, respect, loyalty, integrity, humility, diligence and compassion.  We believe in sharing our values in all aspects of our daily work. We have highly qualified and skilled teachers who bring their passion for helping children learn and grow into the classroom each day.  We are focused on high quality instruction that prepares for and responds to the needs of each child. Our CCA environment is a safe zone for all children.  Our diverse community is inclusive and respectful to all families and welcomes the uniqueness that makes each child special. 

    We have a reliable and dedicated team of support staff who assist in our classrooms, in our lunchroom and on our playground. By establishing strong relationships with our children and by sharing clear expectations they bring additional guidance and support to all students.  Our team has built a strong technology infrastructure that supports 1:1 devices for all children and provides a variety of technology tools to staff so that our children can excel in a safe and monitored online environment.  

    We look forward this year to reopening a variety of clubs and activities so that our students can thrive both inside and outside of our classrooms each day. What truly makes CCA an incredible community is the commitment of our parents.  They have given us the gift of being a dedicated partner with us in helping their children thrive.  No “one” of us can be everything to every child, it truly takes the energy and passion of all of us to help every child succeed. We are “stronger together” and we work each day as a team to provide an excellent experience for every child.  I am honored to be the Executive Director here at Cherry Creek Academy and I look forward to working with you to uphold the expectations of our community. 

    -Ann E. Schultz, PhD

    Dr. Ann Schultz