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    November 29th - December 3rd

     We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!! 

    In math, we are starting to count dimes and pennies! It would be very helpful if your student had a baggie of 10 dimes and 20 pennies to practice counting at home. When we practice in class, we use our hundreds charts.  All students were given a chart at the start of the year. Please let your student’s teacher know if you need a new hundreds chart to be sent home.  

    Our Learning this Week:

    Language Arts: . In phonics, we will be reviewing all of the alphabet letters and sounds. We will be focusing on identifying the ending sounds of words using all of our knowledge about letter names and sounds to help us.  Our sight words for the week are “you”, “on”,  and “can.” We will be jumping back into our ARC unit all about Zoology. This week we will learn about the five characteristics that make a bird a bird as well as the life cycle of birds. We will begin comparing and contrasting mammals and birds.  In writing, we will write a sentence and draw a picture telling about a mammal and one characteristic to describe it. 


    Math: This week in math we will practice counting dimes and pennies, create a design with a line of symmetry, identify a line of symmetry, identify a whole and a half, write the fraction one half, and identify even and odd numbers. We will take a math written assessment and fact assessment on Friday. 

    Core: We will begin our Science unit all about Weather! We will discuss the four different seasons and understand the characteristics of each one. We will then learn about the different types of clouds and what type of weather each one brings.  



    Upcoming Events: 

    • Kindergarten will be taking an ending sound assessment this week. 


    • This year our Winter Music Festival is going to be pre-recorded on Friday, December 3, 2021, and then shared publicly for our CCA community to enjoy virtually on Thursday, December 9, 2021, at 6:30 pm. 


    Important Reminders:


    • PLEASE make sure you label your child’s winter jackets and CCA sweaters! It is very difficult to find these items when they go missing if they are not labeled with a name.


    • Please be sure to correct your child’s math homework each night.




    On Monday, your student will be coming home with their Literacy Homework Packet in their yellow homework folder. Each night your student will come home with their TWO math homework pages. Please remember to staple the literacy packet and all of the math pages together to turn in on Friday!


    • Ending Sound Match
    • Saxon Math Facts 53B
    • Saxon Math Homework 53B


    • Counting Dimes and Pennoes
    • Saxon Math Facts 54B
    • Saxon Math Homework 54B


    • Sight Word - 'you'
    • Saxon Math Facts 55B
    • Saxon Math Homework 55B


    • Ending Sounds - Word Boxes
    • Saxon Math Facts 56B
    • Saxon Math Homework 56B


    • Literacy Packet and Math Homework is due today! Please staple all of the homework together into one big packet!


K-1 Specials - Mrs. MacFarland



    Kindergarten Art

    Students will be working with Scupty clay to create snowman sculptures. Students will continue this work with colored pencils to create the characters from The Nutcracker. 

    Kindergarten Music 

    The first week of this month's focus is on our concert.  After this, we will be studying the story of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker from our Core Knowledge curriculum. Students will be creating a picture flow map of the story as well as know all four food gifts given to Clara when she visited The Land of Sweets. You can find some more resources at musicplayonline. Register using our school code m721785


    Kindergarten PE

    We will be having creative fun with our PE equipment. We will be having "sleigh" rides, building snowman and playing other 'reindeer games'.

    It will be a fun month in PE.



Library/Technology - Mrs. Lanyi


    November, 2021

    Happy November!  As always, you may email me with questions at




    This month in the library we will continue to talk about favorite book characters, authors, and illustrators.  We will also celebrate World Kindness Day and will read the new book by Peter H. Reynolds, Our Table.  



    This month in Technology the students are working on mastering logging in.  I am so impressed with all of the progress they have made!  We are continuing to work in Typing Club and the students are getting very familiar with the keyboard.  We will also introduce a new website this month for choice time and will finish up the Common Sense Media digital citizenship curriculum.