1st Grade News



    November 15-19

    From the Teacher 

    Our PTO Enrichment Team is bringing Opera Colorado to CCA this Friday, November 19, 2021!  It will be so much fun!!!

    A message from the PTO Hospitality: 

    The PTO Hospitality team is getting ready to prepare our wonderful Thanksgiving baskets that we do for the staff every year. This year, due to Covid, the PTO will be purchasing items and building baskets. We would like to ask if you could please contribute a $5 dollar donation to help make these baskets special. You can send $5 dollars in cash in an envelope to the front office or you are welcome to Venmo Ms. Sourial, our PTO Hospitality chair at My Venmo @Natalie-Sourial. Thank you in advance for your help making these special for our staff!
    Original Artworks Fall fundraiser: 

     Original Artworks Fall fundraiser has started. Please check with your students if they have not yet brought home the order instructions for the online orders and remind them to get them. This Monday’s Eagle has details for the online orders and also info on the classes participating in the Fall Fundraiser. The deadline for the order is 11/18/2021. There will be correspondence in the next Eagle as well. If you have any questions, please contact Subha Thoppay at subha_tl@hotmail.com and Jessica King at jessica.p.king@gmail.com.



     Monday: Math Homewor 54B, Facts 54B

    Tuesday: Math Homework 55-1B

    Wednesday: No Math Homework, study for New World quiz

    Thursday: No Math Homework

    Journals due Thursday!



    Our focus is:

    Reading:  *This week we will be enjoying Thanksgiving and turkey stories to help us get ready to celebrate next week!

    Phonics (Fundations):  *adding the suffix -s to action words

    *New trick words: where, there, here

    Students need to know how to read and spell these words correctly. Practice at home.

     Writing: *We will be writing about fall and Thanksgiving themes for fun.  

     Frog Clipart Png - Frog Math Clipart, Png Download


    Our focus is:
     *practicing more adding with two digit numbers using dimes and pennies

    *adding sums of 15, 16, 17 and 18

    *counting dimes, nickels and pennies

    *measuring to the nearest foot

    *review of odd and even, putting numbers in order, and adding

    Science/Social Studies 

    We will be finishing up our unit about the New World.  There will be a quiz Thursday.  A study guide will be coming home.  We will review Wednesday in class.  



K-1 Specials - Mrs. MacFarland




    First Grade Art

    Students will be watercoloring their cats this week!!! I am so excited to see how students individualize them.  

    First Grade Music 

    We are wrappin up Peter and The Wolf,  a famous story written by Peter Prokovief, a Russian composer. Students will take their assessment this week. We will also be finalizing our winter musical preperation as we record the week after our Thanksgiving Break!!!

    For additional music fun (Peter and the Wolf) just log onto musicplayonline.com and enter our school code:  m721785. 

    First Grade PE 

    I majorly apologize for getting behind on our tying shoe assessment.  I will push this out a bit since we are getting busy prepping for our upcoming Winter Music Festival taping, Friday, December 3rd. 

    In PE, we are working on safety rolls and different forms of rolls on our gym mats. The kids are having fun learning about log, pencil and safety rolls.  I hope to teach tripods this week...so if your kids are randomly balancing on their elbows, this is why!!!! 


    Mrs. MacFarland



Library/Technology - Mrs. Lanyi


    November, 2021

    Happy November! Thank you so much to Reading is Fundamental (rif.org) and our Amazon Community Store for donating the book bags and new books for our 1st graders!  The kids were so excited to receive their bags last week! Reading is Fundamental is asking for family feedback about the program.  If you have a chance we would greatly appreciate you filling out this family survey: Family Survey As always, you may email me with questions at slanyi@cherrycreekacademy.org



    This month in the library I am going to be introducing some new chapter book series to our first graders.  These series are a part of our early reader collection and are wonderful for new readers!  We will also celebrate world kindness day and will read the new book by Peter H. Reynolds, Our Table.  



    This month we are working through our first Google Doc assignment.  Students have chosen a "favorite" and will type up a doc about it.  They will also be inserting pictures and sharing with me.  We continue to work on Typing Club and many students are close to completing Jungle Junior and will then move into different lessons.