2nd Grade News

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    May 23-27

    Please see the attached below for summer tutoring provided by Jennie Kincaid who has been a substitute teacher at CCA since August, she is amazing!


    This week in math students will be working with a partner to plan a birthday party. They will have a budget of $300 and get to decide what decorations they want, what activities they will have, and create a schedule of the party's events.


    Reading & Writing 

    This week we will continue reading our chapter book called Third Grade Angels.

    Social Studies

    This week in social studies we will continue to learn about civil rights leaders.


    No homework the last week!

    CCA's summer sports camps registration is now open, please click here for more information.


    CCA Tutoring


Art - Mrs. Peterson


    Art Studio News

    Have a great summer!


Library - Mrs. Lanyi



    May 23 - 27, 2022

    Welcome to May in the library! I can't believe that we are in our last month of the school year. I am looking forward all of our wonderful end of school events.  As always feel free to email me with any questions at slanyi@cherrycreekacademy.org


    I can't believe this is the last week of the school year! This week we will be having some fun in the library.  Please look in the Eagle for some wonderful summer reading resources. Remember all library books were due on Friday, May 20th.  If books are lost they need to be paid for or replaced.  You may send cash or a check made out to CCA, or pay on the CCA website.  Please contact me with any questions. 

Music - Mrs. Glosup

  • In May, 2nd grade is finishing out the semester with singing!  We are looking at the list of Core Knowledge songs for singing and performance.  We are finally using those singing voices again after our break from singing due to Covid restrictions.  We are also learning about Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and working toward our May 19 performance!

    Our Art and Music Festival is Thursday, May 19 at 6:00 P.M.  Please arrive and report to your homeroom by 5:45 that evening!  Here is a link to more information!

PE - Ms. Rutz

  • 2nd grade PE has begun!! We will be meeting in person 2-3 times per week. The first two days will be knowledge content days and the third day rotation (Fridays) will be FUN FRIDAYs. This is a non-content game day. 

    With cold weather, come extra clothing items. Please make sure on PE days your child is ready to be active with tennis shoes/ active seekers, and a water bottle. 

    Your child's class will be structured as follows: Warm up activity/ games, knowledge content, cool down activity, clean up/ sanitation/ hand washing.  Please see the PE Curriculum Map on my teacher's webpage for the weekly rotation. 

    The month of April is as follows: 

    • Football
    • Throwing/ Catching Games
    • Kicking/ Trapping


    This will help each of you begin to learn:

    • Responsibilities and Routines
    • Acceptance and super grouping
    • Trust and Technology
    • Appreciation and Assistance through movement. 


    Be ready to bring your personal water bottle to PE every class period! 


    Please feel free to reach out to me: krutz@cherrycreekacademy.org. I would love to receive photos from each of your families being active.  

Technology - Ms. Wong

  • Technology




    2nd Grade is scheduled to have Music and P.E. after Winter Break. See you again in the Fall!