2nd Grade News

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    November 29- December 3



    This week in math we will be learning:

    • Reading a Thermometer to the Nearest Degree & Identifying Freezing and Boiling Points of Water 

    • Using Comparison Symbols

    • Identifying Horizontal, Vertical, and Oblique Lines and Line Segment


    Math test on Friday!


    Reading & Writing 

    This week in literacy we will begin reading one of our core knowledge books; Charlotte’s Web. For the next two weeks students will be reading chapters and answering comprehension questions.


    Social Studies 

    This week we will be switching over to social studies. We are starting our ancient India, China, and Japan unit. We will spend this week learning all about ancient India. Students will mark important geographical features on a map, learn about Hinduism and Buddhism, learn about food, sports, clothing and important land features in India. 

    There will be a review in class on Thursday followed by a short quiz. A study guide will be completed in class Wednesday and sent home to study.


    Math: Side B of guided practice and facts 


    The spelling words for next week are below. A physical copy will be sent home on Monday. Reminder: students will need to complete one activity each night with their spelling words. The spelling packet is due Friday and there will be a spelling test on Friday. 

    1. boat

    2. coat

    3. float

    4. long

    5. along

    6. belong

    7. paw

    8. fawn

    9. tall

    10. wall



    Read for 30 minutes each night! (Monday-Thursday)

    The November reading log will be due on Wedenesday and the December one will be sent home that day!





Art - Mrs. Peterson


    Art Studio News

    November 15 - 19, 2021


    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!  I am happy that 2nd grade is heading into our break having completed some amazing 3-D paper portraits.  Students finished them with patterns, warm and cool colors to create little freestanding abstract busts of their heads. These will be on display in our showcases after break.  I hope that you can see them if you are in the building.  

    It is also time for Original Works.  Our alphabet soup projects that we created at the beginning of the year in which the students chose a message to write in their soup bowls, are ready to order on products through the PTO fundraiser.  Here is a message from our PTO:


    Dear Parents, 

    Original Artworks Fall fundraiser has started. Please check with your students if they have not yet brought home the order instructions for the online orders and remind them to get them. This Monday’s Eagle has details for the online orders and also info on the classes participating in the Fall Fundraiser. 

    The deadline for the order is 11/18/2021. There will be correspondence in the next Eagle as well. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Subha Thoppay at subha_tl@hotmail.com and Jessica King at jessica.p.king@gmail.com


    Please feel free to email me directly at jpeterson@cherrycreekacademy.org if you have questions.


Library - Mrs. Lanyi



    November, 2021

    Happy November! As always, you may email me with questions at slanyi@cherrycreekacademy.org


    This month I am looking forward to celebrating World Kindness Day with the students.  We will also read Peter H. Reynolds new book, Our Table.  We will also be taking a tour of the fiction section of the library and looking at how the books are organized on the shelves.

Music - Mrs. Glosup

  • Music class is scheduled for second semester this school year.  This means we will not have music class until after Winter Break.

PE - Ms. Rutz

  • PE for 2nd grade is scheduled to begin after Winter Break. Please feel free to check out my teacher's webpage. Here you can find the Clogged Artery Folder. This will have exercises, workouts, and active games that can be done. Please have fun, and stay active! See you soon! 


    Feel free to reach out to me any time at krutz@cherrycreekacademy.org. I would love to receive photos showing your family being active, from the summer! 

Technology - Ms. Wong

  • Technology



    During the month of Novemeber, we will start by finishing up our Pixton Comic project. We will then spend some time exploring how to use the different features of Google Earth. Lastly, we will finish off the month, by studying 2D and 3D design using the program Zspace. 

    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have. My email is swong@cherrycreekacademy.org