5/6 Grade News


    October 11th-15th



    • Quarter 2 starts this week!
    • After fall break, no fidgets, putty, rubik's cubes, or other toys will be allowed in the classroom unless specifically allowed by a 504 or IEP.
    • Next week, October 18th-22nd is Fall Break!
    • Parents, please make sure you are checking in with your child about their grades weekly through Schoology

Social Studies - Mrs. Tench

  • 5th Grade:
    Unit 2- The Age of Exploration

    Explain the importance of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus. (RI.5.2)
    Describe the impact of Columbus’s voyage on the Tainos. (RI.5.2)
    Summarize the terms of the Treaty of Tordesillas. (RI.5.2)
    Understand the meaning of the following domain-specific vocabulary: league, log, mutiny, royal standard, diplomat, and indigenous. (RI.5.4)
    Describe the effects of Spanish colonization on the indigenous peoples of the Americas, including the encomienda system. (RI.5.2)
    Summarize the journeys of Hernán Cortés, Francisco Pizarro, and Vasco Núñez de Balboa. (RI.5.2)
    Summarize the viewpoints and impact of Bartolomé de Las Casas. (RI.5.2)
    Understand the meaning of the following domain-specific vocabulary: immunity, plantation, cash crop, conquistador, isthmus, empire, and exploitation. (RI.5.4)
    Describe the outcomes of the voyage made by Ferdinand Magellan and his crew. (RI.5.2)
    Understand the meaning of the following domain-specific vocabulary: strait and circumnavigate. (RI.5.4)

    6th Grade:
    Unit 3- Ancient Greece and Rome

    Describe the Persian Wars and the battles of Sardis, Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis. (RI.6.2)
    Understand the achievements of Sparta and Athens during the wars. (RI.6.3)
    Understand the meaning of the following domain-specific vocabulary: pass and evacuate. (RI.6.4)
    Recognize the successes of Pericles, including the formation of the Delian League and the rebuilding of the Acropolis, including the Parthenon. (RI.6.3)
    Describe the architecture of the Parthenon. (RI.6.7)
    Identify contributions that Aristophanes, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Herodotus, Thucydides, and Hippocrates made to Greek culture. (RI.6.2)
    Understand the meaning of the following domain-specific vocabulary: league, ally, orator, dramatist, architect, and statesman. (RI.6.4)



Math - Mr. Loomis

  • Please make sure your student is checking their Schoology account each day for upcoming assignments/assessments. 

    Your student can access their textbook online using the following link: Saxon Math Online Textbook

    Here is a look at the concepts that will be covered this week as well as any upcoming assessments:

    5th Grade: 

    - This week we will we will look at expressing numbers in expanded notation to get a better idea of how our place value system works. Finally we will work on solving elapsed time problems that require regrouping. We will identify how to properly express percents as reduced fractions. We will then look at test taking strategies and utilize them when solving multi-step word problems.

    6th Grade: TEST NEXT FRIDAY

    - This week we will be working on comapring and ordering decimal numbers. We will then look at how to identify decimals on a number line. Next we will look at how to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems involving decimal numbers.  

    We will then look at test taking strategies and utilize them when solving multi-step word problems.

Science- Mr. Gunning

  • 5th Grade:

    • This week we will begin discussing other objects in our solar system, with a focus on the relative sizes and distances of those objects compared to Earth.

    6th Grade:

    • We will begin our discussion of volcanoes and earthquakes this week, using latitude and longitude to map volcano locations and make inferences about the patterns we see.

Writing - Mr. Kenyon

  • Please check grades and feedback on assignments in Schoology.

    5th Grade:

    • Students will continue to write their own poems of various styles and will be integrating figurative language throughout. We will also be reflecting on what we have learned throughout this first quarter.

    6th Grade:

    • Students will continue to create their own myths and will have to analyze the themes present in the myths of their classmates. We will also be reflecting on what we have learned throughout this first quarter.

Reading - Ms. O'Connell


    Looking to donate to our classroom?:

    • If you ever feel inclined, I have an Amazon Book Wishlist that is open for viewing and purchasing. I would love to be able to grow my classroom library  so whether you are cleaning out books at home and want to send them with your child to school or are able to purchase from my wishlist, myself and all of my students would be so grateful. 

      If you purchase from the wishlist, you may use my name and the school address for shipping. Thank you so much for your generosity!   

    5th Grade:

    • This week, we are wrapping up our first quarter skill identifying, writing, and recognizing figurative language. 
    • We are finishing our core knowledge novel, "Secret Garden."
    • Students first quarter book club projects are due today, Monday, October 11th. The 5th graders created their own version of their book club book and on Tuesday we will be having a book showing so they can show off their hard work to the class! I am so proud of them.  

    6th Grade:

    • This week, we are wrapping up our first quarter skill identifying, writing, and recognizing the theme of books. 
    • Students finished their book club projects of creating a collage, album cover, or movie poster on a canvas that showcases the theme of their book club book in a creative way using newspaper and magazines. Students will pick out 5 different quotes from their book club book that connect to their theme and write a description of how it connects along with their canvas creation.We worked on these in class last week and students showed them off to their classmates today, Monday, October 11th. I am so proud of their hard work!  

    Have a wonderful Fall Break! 

Art - Mrs. Peterson

  • Art Studio News -Ms. O'Connell's Homeroom

    October 11 - 15


    New News:  

    Our Painted Desert landscapes are looking beautiful!  This week we will work on the pottery shapes.  We will cut out, layer paint to shade and add geometric designs to our pot shapes.  Then we will review layering to create depth, glue our pots in and create the shadows to finish up this gorgeous project.  I hope that everyone enjoys a safe, relaxing and rejuvenating fall break!

    Please feel free to email me at jpeterson@cherrycreekacademy.org if you have questions.

Library - Mrs. Lanyi


    October, 2021

    Thank you to everyone who supported the Scholastic Book Fair!  It was very successful and we will be able to purchase many new books for the library. As always, you may email me with questions at slanyi@cherrycreekacademy.org

    Fifth and sixth-grade students do not have a library class but have several opportunities throughout the week to visit the library and check out library books.

    5/6 Library Hours:

    • The library is open daily from 7:20-8:00 AM
    • Mondays from 9:35-10:00 AM
    • Fridays from 9:35-10:00 AM

    Students are always welcome to email me if they need a book at another time and I can get it to them. Students also have access to Overdrive again this year. 

    The link to Overdrive is: Overdrive Login.

    Students will use the same username and password that they use to log in to my.cherrycreekschools.org.

    If you have any questions please contact me at slanyi@cherrycreekacademy.org.

Music - Mrs. Glosup

  • 5th Grade: 

    • Music class in October will be focused on Mussorgsky and his “Pictures at an Exhibition” which was orchestrated by Ravel.  5th grade has a focus this month on pulse and keeping our rhythms together as a group.  We are also working to solidify our knowledge of notes on the treble clef.

    6th Grade: 

    • In October, the 6th grade will conclude our unit of the Classical Era.  After our final assessments for the Classical Era are complete, we will begin to look more closely at the Romantic Era.  We will study Beethoven as a transitional figure between musical eras.  We will also study Schubert, Chopin and both Robert and Clara Schumann.  6th grade is also working on music reading skills including both rhythms and notes on the treble clef.


    Fifth and sixth graders in music will be performing at the Veterans Day Assembly.  They will be using cups and boomwhackers to perform a percussion based interpretation of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”.  This event will be VIRTUAL on November 11 starting between 8 and 8:30am.  When we are closer to that date, there will be information and a link to watch this event provided in the Eagle.


    Please reach out with any questions you may have!

PE - Ms. Rutz


    Girls Volleyball Practices will run Monday - Thursday 3:35 - 4:45 (with optional 4:45 - 5:15 finish times)


    5th and 6th Grade:

    In the Second month of Physical Education you will learn about:

    • Basketball
    • Badminton
    • Mini Golf/ Putt Putt
    • Cricket/ Softball

    This will help each of you begin to learn:

    • Responsibilities and Routines
    • Acceptance and super grouping
    • Trust and Technology
    • Appreciation and Assistance through movement. 

    You are NOT be required to change out for PE this year. Please make sure to bring a water bottle to PE each class period. Please be prepared with deodorant, for reapplication (if applicable).   

    O'Connell's Class:

    • PE for your class is scheduled to begin after Winter Break. Please feel free to check out my teacher's webpage. Here you can find the Clogged Artery Folder. This will have exercises, workouts, and active games that can be done. Please have fun, and stay active! See you soon! 

    Please feel free to reach out to me at krutz@cherrycreekacademy.org. I would love to see how your family was active during the summer! If you would like to share a picture, I can't wait to receive it!   

Technology - Ms. Wong

  • Technology


    5th Grade:

    • During the month of October, we will begin by wrapping up our Informative Presentations. We will then spend some time learning how to create a Stop Motion scene using Google Slides. We will then finish off the month by working on a Fall themed project, using the design program Canva.

    6th Grade:

    • Technology class is scheduled to begin after Winter Break.

    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have! My email is swong@cherrycreekacademy.org