7th Grade Saxon Course 3 Topics:

  • Standard 1: Number Sense

    a) Add, subtract, multiply, and divide positive and negative numbers

    b) Percent discounts and mark-ups

    c) Prime factorization (factor tree)

    Standard 2: Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

    a) Solving one- and two-step equations ( -4 + 3y = 10)

    b) Graphing equations on the coordinate plane using a table of values

    c) Graphing inequalities on the number line

    Standard 3: Data Analysis

    a) Solving simple and compound independent probability (flipping heads and heads on two flips of a coin).

    b) Drawing histograms with appropriate intervals and circle graphs with the use of a protractor.

    Standard 4: Geometry

    a) Similar figures

    b) Reflections, rotations, translations (slides) on the coordinate plane

    Standard 5: Measurements

    a) Area and perimeter of complex figures (circles, combined polygons)

    b) Surface area and volume of rectangular & triangular prisms and cylinders

    c) Unit conversions/ unit multipliers

    Standard 6: Computation

    a) Proportional word problems

    b) Rates, tax, interest, commission

  • Grading Norms
    • Tests: 35 % of final grade (Test corrections are a HW category grade).

    • HW: 50 % of final grade. Graded either as:

      • Completion

      • Accuracy on 5 Random Problems from the assignment (10 pts total):
        • 1 pt for showing all of the necessary work

        • 1 pt for the correct answer

    • Classwork: 15% of final grade
      • Random check of class notes, practice sets, warm ups, and/or investigations.