8th Grade Saxon Algebra 1 Topics:

  • Standard 1: Number Sense

    a) Add, subtract, multiply, divide, exponents, and square roots of positive and negative numbers, including a mixture of these.

    b) Operations with scientific notation (4 x 106) (9 x 104)

    c) Simplifying square roots

    Standard 2: Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

    a) Solving multi-step equations

    ex. -4(x + 4) + 3 = 10x - 5

    b) Graphing equations on the coordinate plane using slope & y-intercept

    c) Solving simultaneous equations by graphing

    d) Graphing non-linear functions; quadratic and exponential, inverse

    e) Transforming formulas (Solve for w; P = 2l + 2w)

    f) Writing expressions and equations from phrases, sentences, and word problems

    Standard 3: Data Analysis

    a) Probability of dependent, compound events (drawing two kings from a deck of cards without replacement)

    b) Box & whisker plots, scatterplots

    Standard 4: Geometry

    a) Pythagorean theorem (a2 + b2 = c2)

    b) Dilations (expanding around a point) and contraction (shrinking around a point) on the coordinate plane

    c) Effects of increasing side length on perimeter, area, and volume

    d) Volume and surface area of pyramids and cones

    Standard 5: Measurements

    a) Angles formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal

    Standard 6: Computation

    a) Multiple unit multipliers (convert in2 to ft2; cm/min to m/hour)

    b) Problems involving distance, rate, and time

  • Grading Norms
    • Tests: 35 % of final grade (Test corrections are a HW category grade).

    • HW: 50 % of final grade. Graded either as:

      • Completion

      • Accuracy on 5 Random Problems from the assignment (10 pts total):
        • 1 pt for showing all of the necessary work

        • 1 pt for the correct answer

    • Classwork: 15% of final grade
      • Random check of class notes, practice sets, warm ups, and/or investigations.