Student Council is one of Cherry Creek Academy's great organizations. Persevering through the pandemic to provide leadership opportunities to students in grades 5-8. STUCO returns this year with more opportunities to be a class representative, a cabinet member, Vice President, and President. Skills you will learn include communication, leadership, time management, and public speaking. Be a part of a group of students that is making things happen while having fun! 

    Eligibility Requirements (can also be found in the Student Handbook)
    No student shall participate if they have below a 2.0-grade point average or they have a grade of “F” in any class after a one-week probationary period.  Students will have one week from the date of grade check to fix grade(s).  If a student is still below 2.0 average or still has a grade of “F” the following week student will be ineligible for a minimum of one week.

    More information about when STUCO will meet and how to be a part of the action will come soon. Check back often for more information and updates.