PTO Sponsored Activities & Fundraisers

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Each school year, the CCA PTO sponsors many events, assemblies, fundraisers, and activities that enrich the CCA school community in a variety of ways. You can learn more about PTO Sponsored annual activities below. 

If you are interested in volunteering for an event or getting involved in PTO leadership, please contact or visit the volunteer page on our website.

  • Amazon Smile: The PTO has partnered with Amazon! Each time you purchase from Amazon, you can elect to donate a portion of the final sale to the CCA PTO.
    • Visit to set up your existing Amazon account as a Smile account. Select Cherry Creek Academy PTO as your charity and 0.5% of eligible purchases will be given back to the PTO.
  • Box Tops: The PTO collects Box Tops throughout the school year. Please verify the expiration date, cut along dotted line, and turn in Box Tops to the purple box in the lobby near lost and found. You can earn even more cash through the Box Tops for Education® Bonus App. For more information, please click here.
  • CCA Carnival: Each year the CCA PTO transforms our school into a fun-filled carnival experience for students and their families. Information about the annual carnival is posted in The Eagle, CCA's weekly newsletter. There are numerous volunteer opportunities during the carnival that are also posted in The Eagle
  • Cleo Parker Dance Assemblies: The PTO brings performers from the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance organization to CCA. At these assemblies students and staff are engaged by these talented dancers through the magic of movement and creative expression. For more information about Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, please click here
  •  Dennis Uniform Script Certificates: These certificates are available at the CCA front desk and can be used just like cash. A percentage of the sales goes to the CCA PTO. Remember, Dennis Uniforms is CCA's sole uniform supplier.  
  • Field Day: CCA PTO works with CCA staff to provide supplies and support for Field Day each year.
  •  Friday Shirts: During the Used Uniform Sales, fun and stylish shirts are sold by the PTO. Students may wear these shirts on Fridays.
  • Gift Wrap Fundraiser: The Great American Gift Wrap Fundraiser is the PTO's biggest fundraiser of the year and happens each Fall. Students are encouraged to help raise money and sell great products to family and friends. 
  • King Soopers Cards: The PTO's King Soopers fundraiser is changing. Our community will no longer have to use the gift cards for their purchases. Please log into your King Soopers account. Once logged into your King Soopers account, click on King Soopers Community Rewards under the Save tab. You will then search for Cherry Creek Academy either by name or GW800 and then click Enroll. Once enrolled, CCA's PTO will earn a percentage of your sales every time you use your loyalty card/number. For more information, please click here.
  • Masquerade Ball (K-5): Each year the PTO transforms CCA into a majestic ball for the K - 5 students. Information about this event and volunteer opportunities are announced in The Eagle.
  • Multicultural Festival: Each Spring the CCA PTO organizes a culturally diverse and rich festival that highlights the many different heritages that compose the amazing CCA community. Foods, performances, and activities from all over the world are showcased. Information about this event and volunteer opportunities are announced in The Eagle.
  • New Family Playdates: Each summer the PTO welcomes new families and organizes events and playdates to help new students and their families familiarize themselves with the CCA community and make new friends. 
  • New Family Welcome Breakfast: The PTO organizes a welcome breakfast for new families to socialize and make friends over a delicious meal! Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • Original Art Works Fundraiser: This fundraiser helps transform student artwork into wonderful keepsakes and awesome household items. A percentage of sales goes to the CCA PTO. Information about this fundraiser is sent home with student's and announced in The Eagle.
  • Pastries for Parents: Each quarter, the PTO hosts a fun and breakfast for students and their families before the PTO meeting. Please join us in the CCA cafeteria for a sweet breakfast treat. Information, dates and RSVP links are provided in The Eagle
  • Scholastic Book Fair: Each year the CCA Library is transformed into a awesome book fair where students and families are able to purchase books and other items to add to their home libraries.
  • School Supply Fundraiser: The CCA PTO organizes with Educational Products, Inc. each year, CCA teachers, and administration to provide parents a convenient and cost effective way to purchase all of their student's supplies. This takes all the guesswork out of back to school supply shopping and a percentage goes to the CCA PTO! Ordering information begins in April and is announced in The Eagle.
  • Script Card Fundraiser: Each December, CCA's PTO organizes a script card fundraiser where parents can purchase a variety of gift cards for all of their holiday shopping needs! 
  • Staff Thanksgiving Baskets: Each November the CCA PTO collects items from CCA families and builds beautiful baskets that are given to CCA staff members to show how thankful our community is. Information on requested items as well as volunteer opportunities are posted in The Eagle.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: During Teacher Appreciation Week, CCA's PTO organizes meals and other treats to show our staff how grateful our community is to them. 
  • Used Uniform Sales: In the Fall and Spring CCA PTO organizes and facilitates a used uniform sale where parents can get great deals on uniforms and accessories. Information about this event and volunteer opportunities are announced in The Eagle

In addition, the PTO has contributed to school campaigns including the following: 

  • 2011-12  Bringing Smart Boards into each classroom
  • 2012-13  Assisting the music and library departments
  • 2013-14  Purchasing school zone flashing lights
  • 2014-15  Purchasing tablet cart with 30 tablets
  • 2015-16  Purchasing Promethean ActiveWall & water bottle filler stations