Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education Bachelor of Arts in Special Education

Miss Meghan O'Connell

Hello! I am Meghan O'Connell. I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and received my Bachelors in Elementary Education and Special Education from Saint Louis University. After graduating and spending a year teaching in St. Louis, I decided I wanted to pursue a new adventure and get my teaching license in Colorado. I truly have enjoyed my time living in Colorado being able to hike, ski, and explore the mountains as often as possible. 

I am so excited to be teaching 2nd grade this year! This will be my second year at CCA, as I taught 5th and 6th grade Reading last year. I have loved my time at CCA and am really looking forward to a wonderful year with my second grade students and families!

  • My Teaching Philosophy

    I believe that every student has the capability to learn and thrive as a learner. I believe in teaching and knowing the child as not only a student but as a whole individual. Students can be taught to actively engage in many areas of interest and content and still be able to flourish and succeed at their own pace. A classroom should be an expansion of a household and provide endless opportunities for students to learn, grow, and explore their knowledge and individuality. Instruction should be student-centered and student-driven. This allows students to be in control of their own learning. This approach incorporates student input, interests, and feedback. It is important for students to feel their teacher taking the time to get to know them as individuals in and out of the classroom; that their teacher is using their strengths to drive instruction while also challenging them to overcome obstacles and push beyond their inner restrictions. Students should actively engage with the world around them and feel safe when bringing these experiences into the classroom. Every challenge and success that comes with teaching should be a valued learning experience for a teacher, student, and parent.

    Teaching young individuals is both a challenge and a blessing for a parent, as well as a teacher. The parent, child, and teacher relationship, together provide a positive learning environment for all. Urie Bronfenbrenner said it best when he asserted, “children need people in order to become human,” (Crerar, 2015). Children are better able to thrive when their environment is full of positive relationships and when their relation systems are all encompassing for their success and growth. A teacher should feel not only honored but responsible for earning the trust of parents to guide their child's development.  Schools are a collective environment that thrive when participation from all members is consistent and encouraged. A classroom environment has better success when all members of the community make working together a priority every single day. All individuals can feel and know they are a vital part of the classroom community when a teacher emphasizes consistent communication with parents and other stakeholders. My job is to create an environment and teach instruction that gives students the ability to learn, grow, and explore themselves, while also expanding their knowledge about the greater world and their community. I will give my students the opportunity to become independent, successful, confident learners and individuals by providing them with a stable, consistent, safe, and encouraging environment each day. 

    I believe teaching to be one of the most rewarding careers because I am able to play a part in a young individual's life to become the person they are called to be. Students are able to reach attainable goals and challenge themselves beyond their limits with the support of their peers, parents, and teachers. I believe every student has the potential to learn skills, develop, and receive instruction that will influence their life beyond my classroom.