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    November 28th - December 1st

    We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!! 

    • Blue Book Bags - Your student needs to read each book, at least, 3 times, but the book will be recorded just once. Book bags should be coming back to school once your student has mastered each book. Students should be using their finger to track the words.  As many of these books are pattern books, students will start to memorize the book. 
    • Boots - If your student wears snow boots to school, they need to bring shoes to change into while indoors. 
    • Labeling - Please make sure you are labeling your student's jackets, sweaters, scarfs, hats, gloves, etc. with their name. These items are easily lost and cannot be returned without a name!! 


    Our Learning this Week:

    In phonics, we will practice identifying and using the letters  Xx and Yy. We will understand the letter sound, use a picture to help us remember it, and practice writing it.  Our sight words for the week are “as” and “they.” We will begin our ARC unit on Zoology. This week our focus will be on the characteristics of living things.  For example, living things use energy, grow, adapt to their environment, etc…  In writing we will write about our favorite part of break and explain why it was our favorite. 

    Math: We will identify even numbers to 20, identify and locate numbers on a hundreds number chart, count dimes and pennies, create a design with a line of symmetry and identify a line of symmetry.  We will have a math written assessment and fact assessment on Friday!

    Core: We will begin our Science unit all about Weather! We will discuss the four different seasons and understand the characteristics of each one.

    Upcoming Events:  

    * Winter Break - December 23rd-January 8th


    Important Reminders:


    • Pickup locations cannot be changed if your child has a sick sibling. Please see a note from Ms. Sadie regarding pickup: 
      • A Traffic Reminder from Ms. Sadie

        Please don’t show up early at pick up because it doesn't allow the class before you to pick up on time. Following the time slots that we at CCA made allows traffic to flow quickly, cutting down on the traffic congestion in the neighborhood and roads. We also don't change pick-up times or locations due to older students being sick or in an after-school activity. If you have a 5th grader and a Kindergartner and the 5th grader has an afterschool activity, you will still pick up your Kindergartner at the 5th-grade location. Consistency is tremendous for everyone, and we ask that you please read the student/parent handbook about traffic policies. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Sadie in the front office; she will be happy to speak with you.


        Kindergarten - 3:00 - Front lot (Caley)

        1st - 3:10 - Back lot (North lot)

        2nd - 3:15 - Front lot (Caley)

        3rd - 3:15 - Back lot (North lot)

        4th - 3:15 - Front lot (Caley)

        5th and 6th - Bottom of the hill (Elmira circle)

        7th - Back lot (North lot)

        8th - Front lot (Caley) 


    • As the weather is changing, please be sure to send in a jacket with your student. We will go outside if the temperature feels like  23 degrees or higher.  Please make sure you LABEL all sweaters and jackets!

    • Please be sure to send in a change of shoes if your student wears snow boots to school
    • All birthday treats must be NON-FOOD  items.

    • Please have your child practice buckling themselves into their carseat. This helps our car line move efficiently at pickup! 



    • All About Xx 
    • Saxon Math Homework 51B
    • Saxib Math Facts 51B


    • Sight Word Practice - 'they'
    • Saxon Math Homework 52B
    • Saxon Math Facts 52B


    • Letter Yy Sort
    • Saxon Math Homework 53B
    • Saxon Math Facts 53B


    • Beginning Sounds (2)
    • Saxon Math Homework 54B
    • Saxon Math Facts 54B


    • Literacy Packet and Math Homework is due today! Please staple all of the homework together into one big packet!

K-1 Specials - Mrs. MacFarland



    Kindergarten Art

    Students will be coloring with color pencils this month. They will learn how to care for pencils and how to color dark and light with colored pencils. They will be using their 3 Star coloring skills (color completely, color correctly, color in lines-smaller lines this time). 

    Kindergarten Music 

    During the month of December, Kindergarten students will be studying Tchaikovsky's most famous ballet: The Nutcracker. Students will learn the main characters of the story as well as the plot (story line) of the story. Students will view the ballet scenes of key events and understand what is happening, as there are no talking lines in ballets. 

    Kindergarten PE 

    We are learning about different types of movements using various relay-style games. 


Library/Technology - Mrs. Lanyi


    November 14 - November 18, 2022

    November is in full swing!  It is always amazing to me how quickly this part of the school year flies by.  We are continuing our study of non-fiction during our month of Know-Vember.  Please feel free to email me with any questions at   



    This week we will be reading a few Thanksgiving books and completing an activity to accompany the books. We will also be using our STEM materials this week to celebrate our upcoming break.  Students will continue to explore non-fiction books during our checkout time.



    The students are continuing to practice navigating our library website.  This week we will login to chromebooks, practice typing, and learn how to go to a new link to access some fun learning games.