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    January 31st - February 4th

    Hello Parents! We hope you had a wonderful weekend! Please be on the lookout for a Signup Genius for our upcoming Valentine’s Day party. If your student wants to send in Valentines they must be prepackaged. Please do not individually address each Valentine with names. Your child can write “To My Friend” and write their name on the line indicating who it is from. This will save a lot of time when passing them out!  Mrs. Miller’s class has 25 students and Mrs. Goodwin’s class has 26 students. Valentines can be brought in on Friday, February 11th.

    Our Learning this Week:

    Language Arts:  This week in phonics we will review all of the short vowel sounds and practice reading and writing lots of CVC words. On Friday, will take a spelling test on short ‘u’ words. Our sight words for the week are “eight”, “nine”,  and “ten.” In ARC we will learn all about the forest ecosystem. We will understand what living and nonliving things live in the forest, animal adaptations, and the forest food chain. In writing, we will write two sentences sharing what our favorite 100th day activity was. 

    Math: This week in math we will learn had to identify and solve doubles plus one addition facts. We will  NOT take a math fact assessment and written assessment on Friday. 

    Core: We will wrap up our Maps and Globes unit!

    Upcoming Events: 

    • Friday, February 11th: Valentine’s Day Party
    • Wednesday, February 16th: Eagle Honor’s Assembly
    • Monday, February 21st: No School Presidents Day

    Important Reminders:

    • Our school day starts promptly at 8am. Please make sure you are dropping your student off before 8:00 to allow them time to get unpacked and ready to learn when the bell rings! 
    • Valentines can be sent in on Friday, February 11th. 
    • All birthday treats must be NON-FOOD  items.



    Please staple all of the math pages to the Literacy Packet to turn in on Friday! 


    • Saxon Fact Homework 76B
    • Saxon Math Homework 76B
    • Short Vowel Sort



    • Saxon Fact Homework 77B
    • Saxon Math Homework 77B
    • Sight Word - 'eight'



    • Saxon Fact Homework 78B
    • Saxon Math Homework 78B
    • I Can Read (2)



    • Saxon Fact Homework 79B
    • Saxon Math Homework 79B
    • Number Words - cut and glue



    • Please staple all math pages and literacy packet together to turn in!

K-1 Specials - Mrs. MacFarland



    Kindergarten Art

    Students will be learning about Pablo Picasso, specifically his "Hands Holding Flowers" painting.  We will incorporate our 100th day of school celebration (Thursday) into this project by using 100 paint strokes to decorate our flowers. 

    Kindergarten Music 

    Students will be studying about Ludwig van Beethoven and his symphonies.  Did you know he created three symphonies with diminishing or completely diminished hearing?  Students will learn about how music can still be heard in your head even though you do not physically hear it.  I love this unit so much. I will even be playing some of Beethoven's dances on the piano.  We will also be looking at some of his famous pieces on Feel free to register using our school code m721785 if you want to research additional Beethoven pieces. 


    Kindergarten PE

    We will be learning many different types of dances in PE. This will encourage hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and help a student keep a steady beat through movement. 




Library/Technology - Mrs. Lanyi


    January, 2022

    Happy new year!  I am so excited to begin the second semester with our wonderful Kindergartners!  As always, you may email me with questions at




    January in the library world is award month.  The American Library Association hands out the biggest book awards of the year including the Newbery and Caldecott.  This month we will focus on the Caldecott Medal - when it began, what it is awarded for, and we will read some wonderful Caldecott winners.  We will also review expectations as we prepare for the second half of the year.



    This month in Technology the students are going to continue working on our coding website,  We are also very excited that the library will be getting a brand new set of Ipads for the students to use.  This month we will focus on how to take care of the Ipad, and introduce them to the students.