Traffic & Parking

CCA is a commuter school. This means that streets around the school maybe more congested than around typical neighborhood schools. Therefore, carpooling is strongly recommended.

It is extremely important that everyone follow traffic procedures. These procedures promote safety, efficiency and function within the limitations imposed by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department and the County.  Please refer to the CCA Student Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures below.  In addition, CCA is a NO PHONE ZONE during morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-up. Your compliance is essential for the safety of everyone.

Traffic Details: The oldest student’s release time will dictate when and where younger siblings and carpool members are picked up.  Since older students are dismissed at a later time, younger siblings and carpool member will also be dismissed at a later time. This is the ONLY time that will be used.  Consistency is important for the students and staff at CCA to keep students safe at all times. CCA traffic and parking policies must be strictly followed. 

  • For example, if you have a 3rd grade student who has a 7th grade sibling/carpooler, the 3rd grader will wait in their homerooms until the 3:35 dismissal of the oldest student.  At 3:30 pm, a staff member will take them out to the location to be picked up with their sibling or carpool.

Any accommodations or requests must be submitted to the Traffic Coordinator for approval.  

Drop-off Time and Location: School begins at 8:00 am.  Students need to be in their classrooms by 8:00 am.  Supervision for student drop-off is provided from 7:20 am to 8:00 am  All students must be dropped off on the north side of Caley. There is one line of cars on Caley.  We ask that you drop-off when the line of cars stops, beginning after the stop sign at Caley and Elmira Circle.   At any point after that stop sign when the line stops, please have your child exit the car and use the sidewalk to walk up to the door that they enter. Please stay in line and do not pull around cars to get ahead. If you want your child to have breakfast please make sure they arrive in their classrooms by 7:45 am 

Traffic Safety: Please ensure that you are following all of CCA’s traffic rules, including those listed below.  They are in place to keep your children safe and secure.

Should you decide to park in the neighborhood and walk your student/students to the entrance of CCA, you need to use the crosswalk. A staff member is at the light on Dayton and Caley ready to help you across safely. 

Neighborhood Etiquette: According to the Colorado parking law, no vehicle may be parked….

  • Within 5 Feet of a Private Driveway

  • Within 15 Feet of a Fire Hydrant

  • Within 20 Feet of a Crosswalk

  • Within 30 Feet of a Flashing Beacon, Signal, Stop Sign, or Yield Sign

  • Please be aware of the NO PARKING signs located in the neighborhoods.

  • U-turns are illegal on Caley as indicated by the posted signs.

  • Left-hand turns into CCA’s parking lot and onto Elmira Circle are illegal from 7:15 am –8:15 am and 2:45 pm–3:45 pm. Our front parking lot will be closed from 7:25 am – 8:15 am and again from 2:45 pm –3:45 pm. Do not move the chain!

  • Double parking is never allowed. If cars are along the side of the road, please pull in behind them.

Morning Drop Off: The line is long, but it will move quickly when everyone follows the rules. 

  • Stay in line! Do not pull around the waiting cars or cut it line.

  • All students need to be ready to exit the car (passenger side ONLY) once the car has pulled up and stopped.

  • Please limit the use of the trunk for holding student backpacks. This takes up time and we have had some cars slide back into the other cars, especially when it has been icy and snowy.

  • If you need to talk, sign papers or give lengthy directions or goodbyes, we ask that you please pull into a neighborhood or park on Elmira Circle at the bottom of the hill and walk your student/students in from there.

  • The staff outside are there to assist your students. Please stay in your car and pull up.  Should your student need assistance, please let a staff member know.  

  • Do not get out of your car.  Do not hold up traffic. Pull forward to drop your students off and safely pull away when traffic allows

  • The big  sign  at the top of the carpool line says “Drop off your student(s) after this point.  Keep students in the car until you have passed this sign." Having students dropped off before the sign causes traffic to back up and poses serious safety issues. 

Afternoon Pick-up Times and Locations: Strictly adhere to the indicated times.  

*Pick-up locations are subject to change according to student enrollment.

  • If you arrive prior to your student’s assigned pick-up time, you will be asked to leave and come back at your scheduled time. 

  • If times and locations change throughout the year, a notification will be delivered via email.


  • CCA staff will accompany students at all times. Those who do not have older CCA siblings or belong to a carpool with older members will immediately go outside to be picked up at their assigned time. 

Those who do travel with older CCA siblings or carpool members will wait in their homeroom and a staff member will escort them to the proper pick-up destination at the time that the older sibling or carpool member is released. Pick up times will NOT change even if the older student is absent or in an after-school activity.  Please adhere to this policy, it is for the safety of all students.



Pick-Up Time


Half-Day Kindergarten


Bear (Along Caley)

Full-Day Kindergarten


Bear (Along Caley)

First Grade


Fox (North Parking Lot)

Second Grade


Bear (Along Caley)

Third Grade


Bear (Along Caley)

Fourth Grade


Big Horn (Elmira Circle)

Fifth Grade


Fox (North Parking Lot)

Sixth Grade


Bear (Along Caley)

Seventh Grade


Fox (North Parking Lot)

Eighth Grade


Big Horn (Elmira Circle)


Inclement Weather Procedure: As a commuter school, CCA has a very deliberate system in place for the drop off and pick up of students.  These procedures are in place to protect students, staff and parents from serious accidental injury. 

In an effort to increase student safety and reduce frustrations during inclement weather we will be following these rules any time there is inclement weather.  During inclement weather (indicated by a red flag) please follow the following protocol:

  • There is NO turning left into the front parking lot.

  • No students will be released until 10 minutes after the last lightning strike.  Cars may line up, but students will not be released early. Pick up times are still in effect.  If you are a 3:35, please do not get in the line at 3:15, you will be asked to leave and come back at your scheduled pick up time.

  • For students who are picked up on Caley (Bear) and Elmira Circle (Big Horn), you will be entering into the front parking lot and pull up to the cone.  A staff member will ask who your student/students is and radio into the building for them will come out.  A staff member will put them into your car. Do NOT get out of your car.

  • Students who are picked up in the North Parking Lot (Fox) will continue to be picked up back there.  Follow the same pick up procedures of pulling to the cone and a staff member will bring your student/students to your car.

  • The oldest student’s release time will continue to dictate when and where younger siblings and carpool members will be picked up.

Please remember your student’s safety is our highest priority.