August 30 - September 3

Posted by Seth Geltman on 8/27/2021

We introduced KenKen puzzles into our toolkit this week. These are wonderful math exercises that not only utilize arithmetic skills in a fascinating way, but also employ a wide range of rational thinking strategies. This paper from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics gives a good description of KenKens. Each student has his or her own account, so they may access our school’s premium subscription at any time. 

Additionally, students progressed on their Photoshop designs for ​​their websites, worked on other exercises in the Observe, Collect, Draw book, and explored other aspects of music through improvisation.

Even though students are brand new to our instruments, they are listening to and reacting to each other’s playing. We discuss elements such as rhythm, subdivision, and major and minor tonalities, and work with them as we play.

6th grade - First time, group playing

5th grade - Using rhythmic subdivision to make something that sounds ‘impatient’