May 2 - May 6

Posted by Seth Geltman on 5/1/2022

Our students continue preparations for Student Spotlight. Many have completed quite a bit of computer work for this in the lab over the past few weeks.


At this point, most have created a painting, an informational
poster, a podcast, a daily journal about their topic, and their own chosen format for one component.


Several students have created 3D models. Some have
been designed in Sketchup, while others have been drawn by hand in the iPad Sketches app, imported to Illustrator, and exported to a format for our 3D printer. It's exciting to see our students' imaginations literally take shape with wonderful sculptural forms.

goldfishAs we move into the final week before Student Spotlight on May 10th, students will add more information to their trifolds, and complete a fifth component. For this, they'll compose music about their topic. We'll be using use Garageband and Musescore.