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Parent & Athlete Resources

Positive Coaching Alliance   This year we are proud to announce that we are partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance. Please feel free to use these resources as needed. We believe that it takes the team of three: athletes, coaches, and parents, working together to make a successful athletic program.   

Check out this video on the Positive Coaching Alliance.


Through our partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance, our athletes will be going through several clinics including the "Triple Impact Competitor" certification.

Please click on the links below:
How to be a Triple Impact Competitor
Coach Evaluation Form for Players
PCA Awards & Scholarships for Coaches and Athletes


Coaches: We are excited to announce that all our coaches will be "Double Goal" certified.

Please click on the link below:
Double Goal Coach Job Description
Parent/Guardian Meeting Agenda
Parent/Guardian Letter


  Parents: Please use the links below for helpful hints on how we can continue to support our athletes.  

Please click on the link below:
“Better Athletes, Better People”, through sports
Doc Rivers, LA Clippers Head Coach Gives Sports Parent Advice on Playing Time