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Peer Helpers

What Are Peer Helpers:

The CCA Peer Helpers club focuses on building a sense of community and kindness within our school. Peer Helpers are a group of CCA middle school students who meet once a week to learn leadership and conflict resolution skills in order to help their CCA community. 

What Do Peer Helpers Do:

Our Peer Helpers work with their peers as well as younger students through activities like peer conferencing, mentoring, and tutoring. Our Peer Helpers have helped solve conflicts at recess, problems between friends, and have buddied up with and checked in on younger students who were going through a hard time.

How Can I Join Peer Helpers:

If you are interested in joining Peer Helpers, please plan on attending our weekly meetings on Fridays from 7:15am-7:55am in Mrs. MacFarland's room. If you have any questions about joining, please contact Mrs. Velasquez 

How Can I Contact Peer Helpers For Assistance:

Do you need help solving a problem with a friend? Are you having a hard day and need someone to talk to? Do you know of some friends who are having a problem and feel like they could use some help? Please fill out a Peer Helper Request form that is found here. Requests are viewed by Ms. Yamauchi. A Peer Helper will assist you within 1 -2 days. Please note, this form is accessible to CCA students only. If you are a parent seeking help for your student or are interested in finding out more about Peer Helpers, please contact Mrs. Velasquez.

Peer Helper Tutoring Details:

  • Peer Tutoring is offered through CCA's Peer Helpers. 
    • Tutors are middle school Peer Helpers who completed an application process that included two teacher recommendations. 
  • Peer Tutoring is available to students in grades K-4.
  • Dates and times for Peer Tutoring are communicated at the end of September for each school year.

 Buddy Walk Details:

  • Buddy Walks are a mentoring opportunity that involve a middle school Peer Helper and a younger elementary school student. The Buddy Walks serve to provide an opportunity for positive peer interaction and can also be used for problem solving or as a sensory break. 
    • Elementary school teachers request Peer Helpers on behalf of their students who could benefit from a mentoring opportunity.

Lunch Bunches:

Small social group opportunities to meet during middle school lunch times.  

In order to protect student privacy please note that this section is for Cherry Creek Academy students only. If you are a parent that would like to inquire about the Peer Helper program at CCA, please contact Mrs. Velasquez.