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Student Achievement Services


Special Education & Mental Health at CCA:

The Special Education and Mental Health team is an integral part of CCA. Our professional staff, employed through the Cherry Creek School District, is accessible to parents and students.

Advanced Academic & Gifted Services:

Seth Geltman and Carol Redmond are the Cherry Creek Academy Gifted and Talented (G/T) Teachers. For more information about Advanced Academic & Gifted services, please click here, or email Mr. Geltman,  at or click here to email Mrs. Redmod at

English Language Support Services:

Kristen Ryan and Beth Midolo are Cherry Creek Academy's English Language Support Specialists. For more information about English Language Support Services and testing information, see below.

Our Vision:

To provide culturally & linguistically diverse learners with equitable access to cohesive learning opportunities that accelerate their social and academic English, provide meaningful access to grade level content, and increase their overall achievement through collaboration and co-teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ELS?
English Language Support (ELS) is a program designed to provide additional academic and linguistic support for students who are developing proficiency in English. ELS specialists (teachers) co-teach with content teachers in math, science, social studies and other subjects to provide students with access to grade-level content along with English language development. ELS specialists are proficient in the English language and specifically trained to teach students who are learning English.

How is a student identified as an English language learner?
Students who have another language spoken in their home are given the state English language proficiency placement screener, to determine their level of English proficiency. In addition to the test, other measures used to determine if a student would benefit from additional support in learning English include classroom observations, tests and schoolwork.

How does ELS support the needs of a multilingual learner? 
While each student’s level of support will be based on their individual needs, ELS programs provide language support alongside grade level content. ELS Specialists collaborate and co-teach with teachers to ensure equitable access to grade level content and opportunities within classrooms. ELS Specialists are proficient in the English language and specifically trained to teach multilingual learners to enhance language skills.

Can a multilingual learner participate in other programs?
Multilingual learners have access to all available programs offered at the school or within the district.

How is the student exited from ELS?
When a student demonstrates proficiency on the State language assessment as well as in grade level content, the student will be considered English proficient. The student’s progress in English and the content areas will be monitored for two years to ensure that the student is maintaining English proficiency. Following this monitoring period, the student is then formally exited from ELS. If the student is found to need support with English skills at any time during the monitoring or exited status, the student can receive ELS again.

What rights do parents have?
Parents have the right to decline participation in an ELS program. Should parents wish to refuse ELS, a refusal process is followed. Refusals can be renewed each school year. A parent may also choose, at any point, to cancel the refusal status and elect to receive ELS.

While on a refusal status, a student will still be considered a multilingual learner and progress will be monitored. As a requirement of state and federal law, the Cherry Creek School District is required to assess all multilingual learners, including students on refusals using the annual state multilingual proficiency assessment at their school.

How do I request an interpreter? 
Interpreters are available for communication with your child’s school about his/her education. Please email Kristen Ryan or Beth Midolo at if you would like an interpreter.

Assessment: Access for ELLS 2.0:

ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 is an English language proficiency assessment for Grades K- 12. The test is administered every year to help school districts monitor the English language development of students identified as multilingual learners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Access for ELLS 2.0:

What is the purpose of the test?
ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 measures students’ abilities to understand and produce English used within school settings. The four sections of the test are Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing.

Why does my child have to take the test? 
Your child is identified as a multilingual learner. Your child will take the test every year until his/her scores meet the criteria to exit the language support program. Contact your child’s school for more information on how your child was identified as a multilingual learner.

When will my child take the test? 
Every state sets a time frame for schools to administer ACCESS for ELLs 2.0. Schools schedule when students will take the four sections of the test during the testing time frame. 

How are the test scores used? 
Scores from ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 can be used in many ways. Parents can use the scores to advocate for their child. Teachers use the scores to plan instruction and assessments. Districts use the scores to evaluate their language support programs, to monitor student progress in acquiring English, and to determine if a student is eligible to exit an ELS program. Scores are also used to meet federal and state accountability requirements.